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Buddy, the companion macaw of Canberra tennis star Nick Kyrgios, survived an ordeal involving a very large Watson tree and a flock of aggressive wild birds. ACT fire and rescue teams came to the aid of Buddy – and owner Nick, who posted about the incident on Instagram over the weekend. The territory’s emergency services agency said crews responded to an animal rescue incident involving a pet bird from a nearby resident on Phillip Avenue, Watson on Saturday afternoon and called the rescue of the team’s “im-peck-able” work. “After escaping from its cage, the macaw was struck in a tree about 10 meters high and was attacked by a flock of wild birds,” said a spokesperson. “ACT’s fire and rescue crews were able to safely rescue and reunite the macaw with its owner using their Bronto aerial firefighting device.” The Bronto has a flatbed -44 meter telescopic ladder form that can perform rescues at different heights. READ MORE: Animal rescue comes after recent human rescues for fire and rescue crews, including a mountain biker who had to be transported over 800 meters of steep terrain over a four hour period after s being run over at Mt Majura last weekend. Watson’s family home during the pandemic lockdown. The family’s other pets, dogs King and Quincy, are less likely to get stuck in a tree, but Kyrgios’ mother Nill joked with Buddy who will outlive them all. “The macaw lives up to 100 you. so know we have to write it in our will, ”she told the Canberra Times earlier this year. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. This is how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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