When Tim Kennedy mistakenly thought he was fighting tennis star Rafael Nadal at UFC Fight for the Troops 3

In a 2013 interview with RangerUpVideo, Tim Kennedy followed the UFC fandom. The Army veteran pretended he mistakenly thought he was going to fight Spanish tennis ace Rafael Nadal at UFC: Fight for the Troops 3, instead of Brazilian Rafael Natal.

During the conversation, Kennedy said the fight was something he looked forward to in his career. He said the highly accomplished tennis player was the person to beat:

“I’m excited… This is something I’ve been waiting for my entire career. He’s got over 60 world championships. He’s the who’s who of the whole industry… He’s the guy to beat, he’s been a long standing champion… This is my chance, I won’t let it pass.”

Watch Tim Kennedy’s interview with RangerUpVideo below:

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Seeing that the fighter had made a mistake, the interviewer intervened. He explained to Kennedy that he was not fighting tennis ace but Brazilian mixed martial artist Rafael Natal.

Watch Tim Kennedy knock out Rafael Natal below:

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Judging by recent events, it looks like the Spaniard isn’t quite out of the fighters’ sights. At Saturday’s UFC Vegas 58, lightweight contender Rafael Fiziev called out the tennis ace.

UFC lightweight Rafael Fiziev calls out Rafael Nadal for a fight

After his fifth-round knockout of former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos, highly touted lightweight contender Rafael Fiziev has called out Spanish tennis legend Rafael Nadal for a fight.

In his post-fight interview with Michael Bisping, the 29-year-old called for a fight with the Spaniard to decide once and for all who is the best ‘Rafael’ in the sport:

“And now I mean, now we know who is the best Rafael in the UFC. Now we know! And now I want to take on a new challenge. Who is the best Rafael in the sport. Rafael Nadal, come here .”

Watch Rafael Fiziev calling out Rafael Nadal below:

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It looks like the Azerbaijani was just having fun calling the Spaniard. In the post-fight presser, Fiziev admitted he was just joking about fighting Nadal in his post-fight interview.

However, Fiziev called out No. 3 ranked contender Justin Gaethje. The 29-year-old asked the former title challenger to face him next if he wasn’t afraid to do so.

Watch Rafael Fiziev call out Justin Gaethje below:

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