War is evil – Russian tennis star Kafelnikov against his country’s attack on Ukraine

War – it's wrong – Russian tennis star Kafelnikov against his country's attack on Ukraine

Yevgeny Kafelnikov/championat.com

Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Russia’s most successful tennis player, does not support his country’s decisions and actions regarding Ukraine. The athlete does not want war and calls Ukrainians a brotherly people.

He criticized his country’s actions

Former first world racketeer Kafelnikov assured that such information about a possible invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine is depressing and incomprehensible why everything will turn out like this. The Russian Olympic champion said he has many friends and acquaintances in Ukraine.

Yevgeny Kafelnikov does not even want to think about a possible war between the two neighboring countries. The Russian tennis player issued a powerful statement in which he condemned his country’s actions.

Only a person with an abnormal psyche can threaten war. War is evil. Under no circumstances do I want to wish that even my worst enemy would face him, not to mention relatives and friends,
– said Kafelnikov.

Important! The Ukrainian Armed Forces are ready to repel the enemy at any time, because we are under the reliable protection of our military. International partners support Ukraine and have prepared a set of crushing economic sanctions against Russia. Therefore, even if the Kremlin decides to go on the offensive, it will receive a worthy rebuff.
Keep calm, read verified information and believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

What do we know about Yevgeny Kafelnikov

  • Yevgeny Kafelnikov is the most successful Russian tennis player, who in 2000 received the title of Olympic champion.
  • For his career, he was the first racket in the world. He occupied the top of the ATP rankings for almost 2 months.
  • He won the Grand Slam tournaments twice, and in 2002 he won the Davis Cup as part of the Russian team.
  • Received from his native title of the best tennis player of the century.
  • Included in the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2019.

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