Tennis star turned golf pro urges Aussie to follow him


Scott Draper was a former world number 42 in the world of tennis, but he turned to golf more than 20 years ago and hasn’t looked back since – and he wants the former world number 1 Ashleigh Barty does the same.

Draper, who is also Australian like Barty, changed careers in the early 2000s as he used golf to cope with the death of his first wife Kellie Grieg, and has since won the 2007 NSW PGA Championship, the most headline of his name.

Now he wants the three-time Grand Slam champion to challenge herself to try a new sport as a professional.

“When people decide to do something that’s maybe out of their comfort zone or a little bit different, I just love life and people tend to say you shouldn’t do that or can’t do it. that,” the 1992 junior told the Wimbledon doubles champion to the Courier Mail.

“It’s great when someone has the passion to do something different or they try, regardless of the outcome.

“What she did, being world No. 1 at 25, making a decision like that, it’s quite extraordinary that someone has this courage and this lucidity.”

Barty is set to play in golf’s ICONS series alongside Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, Olympic champion Michael Phelps and boxer Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvaraz in July, which has increased speculation that she will try professional golf.

The Australian Open champion has already caught the eye of golf coaches, including Gary Barter, coach of Australian PGA Tour winner Matt Jones.

He said: “Her set-up is perfect, she already has great momentum which is really important for distance.

“The positive is his incredible athletic movement, technique and mental side to compete.”

Rumors have swirled about Barty since she announced her retirement from tennis, such as trying cricket again or starting a new sport like football, but it seems likely golf is next. on the horizon for the Aussie.

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