Tennis star Nick Kyrgios announces big wedding news and shows off cute tattoo


Nick Kyrgios and his partner, Costeen Hatzi, pictured on Instagram. Photo/Costeen Hatzi

Nick Kyrgios has confirmed that he is going to marry his girlfriend Costen Hatzi.

The Aussie tennis star and Instagram influencer has had her tongue wagging in recent weeks after spotting Hatzi wearing a diamond ring on her engagement finger.

He also used a diamond ring emoji three weeks ago to thank Hatzi in an Instagram post.

Kyrgios on Saturday finally confirmed the news by telling his followers that the wedding will take place “very soon”. The post included a heart emoji and a diamond ring emoji.

When asked when he will marry Hatzi, Kyrgios finally let the cat out of the bag.

It comes as the couple posted photos together at Sydney airport and told fans they were on their way to Stuttgart ahead of the Weissenhoff ATP Tour tournament next month.

Nick Kyrgios and Costen Hatzi.  Photo/Costeen Hatzi/Getty Images
Nick Kyrgios and Costen Hatzi. Photo/Costeen Hatzi/Getty Images

Smitten Kyrgios also showed he was back in the chair of a tattoo parlor on Saturday.

While getting some new ink on his arm, fans spotted another tattoo he recently put on his thigh.

He had Hatzi’s first name, written in flowing black cursive, on his left leg.

Eagle-eyed fans first saw Kyrgios show off the “Costeen” artwork last month.

Kyrgios also recently commented on a photo Hatzi posted, writing, “I can’t wait to live with you.”

Since going Instagram official in December, Costeen has continued to treat her growing following with sexy selfies and various bikini snaps flaunting her fit figure.

She now has more than 63,000 followers on Instagram.

Nick Kyrgios got his girlfriend's name tattooed on his leg.  Photo / Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios got his girlfriend’s name tattooed on his leg. Photo / Nick Kyrgios

Hatzi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychological sciences, who is also a home decor blogger.

Kyrgios repeatedly thanked Hatzi as one of the reasons he had such a successful campaign at the Australian Open this year, where he and Thanasi Kokkinakis went on a roller coaster ride to win the doubles championship. male.

His recent public comments suggest the pair could be inseparable this year – even as they travel the world on the ATP Tour.

He said he was able to support his partner if she wanted to travel with him.

He clearly likes the way things are going with the Sydney-based influencer right now.

“Relationships are easy when both people are invested,” he told Stellar.

“It’s hard to move a couch on your own. I’ve had a few past relationships that are brutal when you’re away from them for so long. It affects you when you’re on the pitch.

“The luxury I have now in my career is that I am able to support the person and if they want to travel with me, they can.

“I’m in a very blessed situation that few people are able to do. I hope everything will be fine, but I don’t plan anything anymore.”

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