Tennis star Aquin Silcox becomes even more dominant in second season



One of the state’s brightest young tennis stars is in our region, and her dominance began as soon as she entered high school.

Aquina star Danica Silcox entered the program last year as a freshman as a number three in singles, and in a few matches she won the number two position. At the end of the season, she was the youngest competitor in the Division 2 Individual State and reached the round of 16.

This year, she made it to a single and just wrapped up an unbeaten MVC season by winning a conference. In fact, she lost just two non-conference games earlier this fall to some of the top ranked Division 1 girls.

She and her coach agree that she dominates even more this year thanks to a change of approach.

“Before going into this season, I was definitely trying to work to hit more winners and be more confident with my shots because my freshman season was more about staying consistent, keeping long points,” he said. said Silcox.

“We jokingly called her the human back panel [last season] because no matter where the ball landed, she was usually able to return it, ”said head coach Kaylin Kalk. “She was a very defensive first year, so now she’s much more willing to take risks and knows a bit more about how to effectively change her game to fight certain types of players.”

Silcox and the Blugolds will face off in D2 Subsections next Tuesday at Altoona.

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