Tennis star Alexander Zverev to be investigated over abuse allegations


TThe Tennis Professionals Association on Monday announced an investigation into allegations of domestic violence against the Olympic gold medalist Alexander Zverev by ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova.

The internal investigation comes just after ATP completed a report on improving its policies on abuse and domestic violence.

“The allegations against Alexander Zverev are serious and we have a responsibility to respond to them,” Massimo Calvelli, director general of ATP, said in a statement. declaration. “We hope that our investigation will allow us to establish the facts and determine the appropriate follow-up action. We understand that Zverev welcomes our investigation and acknowledge that he has denied all allegations. We will also monitor any further legal developments following the preliminary injunction obtained by Zverev in German courts. “


The first report of abuse arrived last October. Sharypova spoke about the abuse again in November, and then more recently in a Slate article in August. In her reports, Sharypova details Zverev’s emotional and physical abuse in hotel rooms in 2019. Zverev took legal action against Slate, claiming the story was not true. He denied all the allegations.

The ATP initially said it would only investigate the allegations if legal action is taken. However, it specifically examines an incident in Shanghai, where Sharypova alleges that she was attacked by Zverev in their hotel room. She also said she attempted suicide after the attack for the second time by injecting herself with insulin.


Responding to the announcement of an investigation, Zverev said he continued to deny all allegations and welcomed the new policy.

“I have always fully supported the creation of an ATP policy on domestic violence,” Zverev said. “In addition, I welcome ATP’s investigation into this matter and have been asking ATP to initiate an independent investigation for months.”

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