Shakira having a secret relationship with tennis star Rafael Nadal?


Colombian singer Shakira is making headlines for an alleged secret relationship with famous tennis star Rafael Nadal.

Since the announcement of their separation, Shakira and Gerard Pique seem to be under the spotlight of the tabloids.

According to a new report, Jordi Martin – the Spanish paparazzi who revealed the photos of Pique with Clara Chia – has claimed that Shakira had a secret affair with Rafael Nadal, before meeting Pique.

“I can say Shakira did a music video with Alejandro Sanz, but she didn’t get involved with him,” Martin told America Noticias.

“She got involved with someone as or more famous.” The host asked him to reveal the name, and while the guest didn’t divulge the name, a rather helpful hint was provided.

“He’s a world famous person and a top athlete. He’s not a footballer, he’s a tennis player,” he added. Without actually saying the name of the tennis player, he identified him by mentioning that he was the star of the video ‘Gitana’, a hit Shakira released in 2010, the year the alleged relationship allegedly took place.

He went on to say, “I’m saying there was something in a music video with a top athlete in Spain, among the top three athletes in the country’s history. That’s where I leave it, I can’t name names.”

The show host insisted the paparazzi give Nadal’s name with a rather leading question whether the person in question has won the most Grand Slam titles in history?

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