‘Out for Testing’ – Ukrainian tennis star Alexandr Dolgopolov makes life-changing move for his country


Ukrainian tennis professional Alexandr Dolgopolov is one of the most popular players in the tennis world. Although he doesn’t hold records like the big three, his presence and style of play have always caught the public’s eye.


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The fun-loving ponytailed Ukrainian has taken a permanent break from playing due to a lingering knee injury. However, due to the dramatic turn of events, he returned to action. But this time it was not tennis that called him.


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Alexandr Dolgopolov wrote from Ukraine

The former top-20 player has actively addressed the issue since the dispute began. Following this, when tensions escalated into war, he jumped into his county’s support, and in March 2022, Alexandr enlisted in the military. Recently, he expressed his gratitude on Twitter for the assistance provided by the United States. He wrote, “Out for testing, thanks for the helmet and the help pack to our friends in the US. Please save all Ukrainian defenders and a big thank you to them.

Alexandr Dolgopolov is not made for the purpose he currently serves and which he himself admitted by saying, “Once my sister’s husband took me shooting, and I was terrible, I couldn’t put a bullet in the bottles that were being shot at. I said it’s not my thing and I’m a peaceful person.


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However, he still joined the military purely out of love and responsibility to his country, as he said, “I just felt I had to.”

Alexandr’s run on the court


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Alexander turned professional in 2006. Moreover, the ATP awarded him a ranking as high as world No. 13 for right-handed tennis ace gameplay. Moreover, he has an exemplary victory against the legendary Rafael Nadal. In the third round of Indian Wells 2014, he overtook Rafa’s stamina and edged him in the third set by 7-6(5). Nadal was enjoying world No. 1 status and was in top form at the time.

Alexander Dolgopolov

He has 3 career singles and 1 doubles title. Talking about his style of play, he is well known for his attacking manners and quick serves. Many argue that his variable pace potential is very similar to Federer’s and his tricks resemble Andy Murray’s. However, everyone agrees that his potential was stifled by recurring injuries, which in fact later became a cause for his permanent retirement from the game.


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Now that he is fighting for his country, no tennis legend is bigger than him. Tennis has found a new hero.

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