Odisha’s Sohini Mohanty – A New Tennis Star In The Making

She is brilliant in service technique. His excellent backhand has to be seen to be believed. And not to mention his signature volleys. In short, she is a new tennis star in the making.

Yes, we’re talking about Sohini Mohanty, an emerging tennis sensation from Odisha who aims to make her mark on the global racquet sports scene.

In the 2021 roller coaster, the next-generation tennis star showcased his enormous potential on the court and won several accolades and awards despite many challenges.

And with the start of the New Year, Sohini has now laid eyes on an envious feat of playing WTA as Odisha’s first wife.
Having learned tennis alphabets from the age of eight to be precise, Sohini has taken new career milestones over the past 12 months, including winning the Asian U-14 Women’s Singles titles at the Asian Tennis Tournament. U-14 organized in Sonipat, Haryana. , several super series and IATA championships.

Sohini’s dedication and determination earned him a second place in the U-12 rankings and a seventh place in the national U-14 rankings.
“Last year I won eight and three singles and doubles titles respectively. My goal is to perform well in IATA Juniors and then in IATA Seniors, but my ultimate goal is WTA, ”said Sohini.

These days, she’s sweating on the court for six to eight hours a day to fulfill her long-held dream of setting foot in the WTA as Odisha’s first wife.

And in her journey so far, her coach Farhan Ali, who has played a vital role, spares no effort to make Sohini a successful tennis player by training her on all the tricks of the game.

Sohini, in her admission, says world famous tennis star Roger Federer and Indian tennis diva Sania Mirza are his career idols.
“If everything goes according to my goal, I will reach the WTA in four years. My goal is to get a place in the top 50 of the IATA ranking by the end of this year, and obviously I hope to be on top, ”says Sohini confident.

Her trainer Farhan Ali is full of praise for her. “The journey to the WTA is long. Before that, she has to play a lot of junior IATA and keep moving up the ranks. My goal is for her to reach the Junior Grand Slam first, ”observes Ali.

Sohini has so far won over 60 national and international titles as well as at state level. It was her parents who convinced her to take up tennis. With tennis being a highly competitive and expensive sport, financial problems became an obstacle on Sohini’s path to achieving his goal. If the government or a company came forward to reach out to it, it would certainly carve a niche for itself in world tennis and bring many glories to the state, Ali adds.

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