Novak Djokovic biographer claims unvaccinated tennis star will get COVID-19 hit


Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic will receive the COVID-19 vaccine, his biographer has sensationally claimed.

Author Daniel Muksch says seeing Rafael Nadal become the most successful men’s player of all time by winning the Australian Open caused the backflip.

Watch the video above for more on Novak’s vaccine backflip

World No. 1 Djokovic was forced to miss last month’s Grand Slam in Melbourne after being sent off due to his unvaccinated status.

Nadal’s victory over Daniil Medvedev saw the Spaniard overtake rivals Djokovic and Roger Federer as the first to win 21 major tournaments in his career.

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Novak Djokovic’s biographer has claimed the tennis star will get the COVID hit. Credit: Getty Images

Muksch, who wrote A life at wara book chronicling the life of the 20-time Grand Slam champion due out later this year, told Servus-TVDjokovic is probably keen to get the jab so he won’t miss any more opportunities to compete.

“From what I heard from his surroundings, I think he is getting vaccinated,” Muksch reportedly told Austrian TV.

“Maybe the final in Melbourne also contributed to that.

“Rafael Nadal’s 21 motivates him, no doubt.”

Rafael Nadal won a record 21st Grand Slam at the 2022 Australian Open.
Rafael Nadal won a record 21st Grand Slam at the 2022 Australian Open. Credit: Getty Images

Djokovic has not spoken publicly since his legal bid to stay in Australia fell through and he was sacked in mid-January.

He first flew back to Serbia, but has since been photographed on a trip to Montenegro.

The 34-year-old is expected to play at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, which does not require the player to be vaccinated at the start of February 21.

However, this tournament is the exception, not the rule, with Djokovic likely to find his future playing options severely limited if he continues to dodge the needle.

France have already indicated that any players hoping to compete at Rolland Garros in May must be stung.

Watch Health Minister Greg Hunt react to Novak’s backflip below

Greg Hunt says he is “delighted” with reports that the tennis star will get the COVID-19 hit.

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said Sunrise he was “thrilled” to hear that Novak could get the hit.

“Look, I’m glad anyone, anywhere gets vaccinated and if somehow as a country we encouraged Novak or anyone else to do it, c is great,” he said.

“But you know what is much more important? I think this will encourage more people who have been hesitant to get vaccinated and that would be the real win.

“I hadn’t heard that. I’m glad if so.

“But for everyone, no matter where you are, whether you’re overseas or in Australia, first dose, second dose, booster, whatever you’re entitled to, it will help keep you safe. Please move forward.

What did Novak say about vaccination?

Djokovic admitted in court documents during the appeal of the federal government’s deportation decision that he was not vaccinated.

However, he did not reveal the exact reasons.

The Serb would get the jab so he wouldn't miss future tournaments.
The Serb would get the jab so he wouldn’t miss future tournaments. Credit: Getty Images

In April 2020, he said he was “opposed to vaccination”.

He later clarified his position by adding that he was ‘not an expert’ and would keep an ‘open mind’ but wanted to have ‘the ability to choose what is best for my body’. .

During a Facebook live, he explained that he “wouldn’t want to be forced by someone to get vaccinated” to travel or participate in tournaments.

He added that he was “curious about wellness and how we can get our metabolism in the best shape to defend against imposters like COVID-19.”

False claim of COVID infection dismissed

It comes after Serbian officials dismissed reports that Novak Djokovic used a false positive test for COVID-19 to try to enter Australia and defend his Australian Open title.

The country’s prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Wednesday that it had received a request for criminal prosecution against unnamed individuals who allegedly forged two PCR certificates, which were later used by Djokovic to seek a medical exemption from vaccination during his entry into Australia.

“The prosecution acted in accordance with the regulations, checks were carried out and it was determined that Novak Djokovic was tested several times and that the certificates on the test results of December 16, 2021 and December 22, 2021 are valid”, says the press release.

Serbian <a class=tennis player Novak Djokovic leaves a migrant detention hotel in Melbourne.” class=”css-12cetpi-StyledImage en5ut4d0″/>
Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic leaves a migrant detention hotel in Melbourne. Credit: Getty Images

Discrepancies have been reported in the serial numbers of the tests administered by Serbian authorities to the best Djokovic before his trip to Australia, suggesting possible irregularities in the way they were issued.

The tennis superstar was expelled from the country and banned from playing at the Australian Open last month after an 11-day visa saga on the eve of the tournament because he failed to meet strict vaccination requirements against COVID-19.

To enter Australia, he had submitted a positive COVID-19 test issued in Serbia on December 16 for a visa waiver on the grounds that he had recently recovered from the virus.

The 34-year-old is unvaccinated and the Australian government subsequently decided to cancel his visa and deport Djokovic, saying his presence in Australia could spark anti-vaccination sentiments.

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