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PARIS: Novak Djokovic says he will decide whether he will defend his Australian Open title when an official decision is made regarding the rules surrounding players and vaccinations against Covid-19.
The world number one added that he would not make any further comment until then because he “doesn’t want to be part of the story” revolving around guesswork or “what ifs.”
There have been mixed messages on who will be allowed to play in next year’s first Grand Slam which takes place January 17-30 in Melbourne.
An email leaked last week from the WTA suggested that unvaccinated players would be allowed to compete provided they are quarantined for 14 days and subjected to regular coronavirus testing.
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison then said unvaccinated players would be allowed into the country if they were given an exemption, which host state Victoria would have to apply for on behalf of the players.
But Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews was quick to rule out the possibility.

Nine-time Australian Open champion Djokovic has said despite Andrews’ statement that he will await official confirmation of Tennis Australia’s demands.
“I will decide if I go to Australia after seeing an official statement from Tennis Australia,” Djokovic said at his press conference on Sunday on the eve of the Paris Masters.
“There has been no official announcement or statement and until that is released I will not talk about it again.
“I don’t want to be part of the stories about assumptions and assumptions.
“When the official conditions and requirements for traveling and playing in Australia become known I will see what I do personally and also the larger group of players as the situation is obviously different in Australia from most parts of the world.”
Djokovic was more keen to focus on the end of the season as world number one as he returns to the tour for the first time since Daniil Medvedev ended his Grand Slam sweeping hopes in the US Open final in September.

Defending Paris champion Medvedev is looking to topple 20-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic from first place.
The two enjoyed a practice session together last week and Djokovic said the “Octopus,” as Medvedev is called, has really tightened his game.
“The biggest weapon in his game (Medvedev) is his backhand, he’s as strong as a wall on this side, he just doesn’t fail,” said Djokovic, 34.
“His forehand has been weaker in previous years, but he’s improved a lot and it’s not a big weakness.
“He’s very professional and a very smart player on the pitch, he has a good sense of the game.”
Djokovic says he has trained well but admits “a lack of match play could be dangerous”, although he believes he was not mentally damaged by dreams of being the first man in the world. sweeping a Grand Slam calendar since 1969.
“Well, I’ve learned over the years to manage losses so that I treat them as opportunities for growth,” he said.
“The loss in the US Open final must have come at the worst or the best time for me!
“I feel like I have been fortunate enough to feel the love of the crowd that I have never known in my life in New York or in many places around the world.
“The energy I received from the crowd is a victory for life, it touched my heart.”

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