Milos Raonic hopes new tennis program will not lead to ‘increased injuries’ among players



The French Open has been moved from its usual start date of May to September, a week after the US Open, while Wimbledon was canceled and the WTA and ATP tours were suspended until July 13.
The decision to move Roland-Garros drew criticism of a number of players, but world number 30 Raonic says he looks forward to the chance to play as many Grand Slam tournaments as possible, as long as his body holds up.

“Four out of five weeks (in September)… I think that will cause problems for the players, and I also think that a transition to a different surface (from hard courts to clay courts) will be very quick”, a- he told CNN’s Christina Macfarlane. .

“What you’re really hoping is that it doesn’t create an increase in the number of injuries because it’s quite heavy, quite a task.

“Am I happy that is happening? Yes I think so, having a chance to play as many Grand Slams as possible in what is going to end up being a shortened season for us is a very important thing and I ‘ I am happy that a way is found to make it happen and I hope we can make it happen and be able to participate in these events. “

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Calendar reshuffle

Raonic, who rose to third in the standings in 2017 before suffering several injury-scarred seasons, has missed the last two French Open.

When the tournament move is announced, Canadian compatriot Vasek Pospisil called the move “selfish” and “arrogant”, but organizers have remained adamant the clay season will not be “wiped off the international calendar”.

Roanic adds that he would have liked more clarity when the decision was announced.

“Maybe there was just a disappointment in the approach. I think a few players would have liked to know that a little earlier before. I figured it out via social media, and I’m sure many others l ‘have done, “he said.

“We have a great group chat and that’s how we all got out of it. So I think that was maybe the hardest part to come to terms with. But once you get over that, I think that understanding, is that a positive thing for us? It is.

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Since then the Olympic Games were also postponed until next year, and the official announcement of Wimbledon the cancellation happened wednesday

Raonic, 29, who reached the Wimbledon final in 2016, resides in Florida as the virus lockdown continues.

While there is some frustration that tournaments have been taken off the calendar, for now he remains focused on building fitness and admits tennis should take a step back.

“I’ve always played a relatively light program, only 15 or 16 tournaments. To get out of it big chunks, big things that in December, that’s what you had in mind – every workout that’s hard and you try. to overcome them, ”he says.

“Sport, wonderful as it is, is really a minor concern for everyone these days. I think the health of the people around us, the communities, the world. It is something that the whole world is involved in. .

“If these events don’t happen, I personally think it would be difficult, but I think it’s something you could overcome pretty quickly when you put it in context with everything that’s going on and everything that’s going to happen. . “

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Fill the time

In the meantime, in addition to regular exercise, there are opportunities to watch TV, read, meet friends, and hone cooking skills.

Seared fish and vegetables are Raonic’s go-to dish – in part, he admits, because it’s “easy to clean.”

All of this helps keep busy while tennis is off limits.

“You keep training but you try to divide things up,” he says.

“The fact that the focus is strictly on fitness, because it’s such a direct dissociation from the competition in playing points, sets, matches, that makes it a bit easier.”

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