John McEnroe tries to reach out to spurned legend Nick Kyrgios

Tennis needs Nick Kyrgios but the Wimbledon runner-up doesn’t need a coach, but rather an interview with Sigmund Freud, says seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe.

After the world No. 45’s four-set defeat at the hands of Novak Djokovic, the bigger theme was how the Aussie behaved throughout his best run at a Grand Slam and whether he would benefit from having a coach.

McEnroe spoke to BBC Radio and revealed he had invited Kyrgios to his home to give him some advice but was repeatedly turned away.

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“I’ve asked him many times to come over to my apartment and have a chat, have a beer, whatever, let’s talk, try to get you where you need to go,” he said.

Djokovic beats Kyrgios in Wimbledon final

“It’s not that I’m the guy who’s going to be able to do it, but I hope to have some impact because I understand a lot more about what’s going on here than most people, I think he would understand that and he happens to be a great kid in many ways.

“I try but each time at the end he says to me: ‘Ah well, my girlfriend does not want me to come, she is leaving tomorrow’.”

McEnroe is no stranger to stirring up controversy during his career, dubbed ‘Super Brat’ by the media in his heyday, having raised hell on tour for match officials and opponents alike. He said the invitation is still open.

“Who should coach Nick Kyrgios? John McEnroe of course, but he’s impossible to coach. The guy doesn’t need the coach, the guy is a genius in the way he plays,” McEnroe said.

“He has demons, in a way that we all have.

“So called ‘fear of failure’ and it’s a question of how best to deal with it.

“Unfortunately for Nick, his way of dealing with that is sometimes… hitting the ball between his legs, serving under… actually you start laughing about it, it’s so funny.

The moment Masur noticed that Kyrgios had lost him

“He does it in the Wimbledon final, it’s unbelievable.

“Listen, you absolutely have the right to do whatever you want on the pitch and who am I to tell you not to yell at an official! Give me a break.

“I love seeing personality on the pitch, my problem is he was going out all the time and he was half doing it and the other part is he’s getting into this place where he is literally, we saw Sunday, if anyone saw the game, yelling at those people who love him more than anyone.

“Now I know that unfortunately it happens in the world, you go after the people closest to you.

“But he moves the needle for us in tennis. We need that, big time!”

McEnroe said the Australian needs to find a way to deal with the emotional toll he endures while competing.

“He needs Sigmund Freud to rise from the grave and somehow find a way to keep this guy alive for a few years because we could use him.”

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