‘I have nothing but hate and malice’ – Jailed tennis star Boris Becker says he and his family have been abused


Boris Becker, a former German tennis player, was one of the best players of his time. The 54-year-old has won six Grand Slams and has been ranked No.1 in the past. He has won Wimbledon three times, the Australian Open twice and the US Open once.


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After retiring from tennis, he tried his hand at various other ventures but never really found his groove. Unfortunately, he was found guilty of concealment of assets and is currently serving a two and a half year prison sentence. And in 2020, Boris Becker said he and his family were unnecessarily attacked with racist actions.


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Boris Becker on racism and injustice towards his family

Becker has previously come under fire for taking part in an anti-racism protest in London. He was discouraged to see so many negative responses on social media, especially towards Germans. He said, “My three oldest children experience a racist incident at least once a week, so I am in constant communication with them about it.

“I was the most insulted in Germany…. I received nothing but hate and malice through social media. So anyone who has reservations about the black population attacks me personally,said Boris Becker.

Former tennis player Boris Becker arrives at Southwark Crown Court for his misdemeanor bankruptcy trial in London, Britain April 5, 2022. REUTERS/Tom Nicholson

He added : “Honestly: I can do without such fans. Find out, find out. The more you know, the better off you become. We no longer live on trees.


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about 1 month ago


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Becker had also won Olympic gold medals in singles and doubles as well as 13 Masters Series titles. He also worked as a tennis analyst for television.

Becker’s mother never got to see her son

A recent revelation was that Becker’s mother could no longer travel to London to see her son in prison. His family was in Germany while he was in London. Unfortunately, his mother suffered a broken femur and was unable to come to see him. Moreover, Boris’ only contact with his mother was a simple telephone conversation.


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Once transferred to Germany, the great German player can appeal his sentence there.

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