Fans react to tennis star Nick Kyrgios’ complaints of ‘marijuana’ smell, spitting during US Open in New York


Tennis star Nick Kyrgios has issued a list of complaints to the press after smelling marijuana and hearing noises during a recent set at the US Open, sparking a wave of backlash online.

Kyrgios was playing his second-round match Wednesday night at Louis Armstrong Stadium against Benjamin Bonzi when he complained to the chair umpire that he smelled marijuana smoke.

According to New York PostMr Kygrios told the referee he saw and could smell someone smoking marijuana, and criticized the official for not reminding people not to light up during games.

“You don’t even want to remind anyone not to do this?” he asked the referee.

Apparently, the referee misheard Kygrios’ complaints and thought he was upset by the smell of food wafting onto the pitch from the audience. This only brought more praise to the usually very nervous tennis star.

“That was fucking marijuana,” Kyrgios replied. “Obviously, I’m not going to complain about the food. Of course not.”

He then pointed out to the referee that he had asthma.

“Obviously when athletes are running side by side and they already have asthma, it’s probably not ideal,” the tennis player said.

At that point, the referee agreed to address the audience, reminding them that they “can’t smoke on the pitch”.

Kyrgios won their second set 6-4, but lost their third set by the same margin. During this set, he spat on the court in the direction of his opponent, sulked on the sidelines and was given a code of conduct violation for his behavior.

After the match, Kyrgios explained his asthma.

“People don’t know. I’m a big asthma sufferer,” he told reporters regarding the marijuana incident. “When I run side to side I have trouble breathing, it’s probably not something I want to breathe between points.”

That wasn’t his only complaint. Kyrgios, an Australian, seems to have a disdain for playing in the United States in general, complaining of noises that disturb his concentration.

“Yeah, the US Open, it’s a very different vibe to anywhere else. I feel like Wimbledon was so fitting. The Australian Open, you kind of expect it, being an Aussie. But here it’s just like loud. Point, point out, I can barely hear. Half the time I can’t even hear my team because it’s so loud all the time. … Constant jitter,” he said. “Things that happen, sirens. … For someone who’s had a hard time concentrating in my career, I’m really trying to put my head down and play point by point, d trying to get myself out of certain situations. It’s hard because there’s a lot of distractions. Obviously there’s also a lot of rowdiness. People say things. I have to be very careful what I say these days.

Tennis fans have taken to social media to file their own complaints against Kyrgios.

“Is there anything he won’t complain about?” He complained that the members of his own lodge were not loud enough. And then there’s this “drunk blonde” whom he accuses of being too loud. Name a topic, then he’ll complain,” one Twitter user wrote.

Musab Abid, editor and tennis writer at Sportskeeda, expressed similar disappointment with Kyrgios’ behaviour.

“Is Nick Kyrgios the most embarrassing player of the last 2 decades? I mean there are others who have, on occasion, exhibited similarly disgusting behavior,” he wrote. “But I can’t think of anyone else whose utter lack of class/decency comes out so often.”

Marijuana is legal in New York, so no one broke state laws for smoking during the game, although they may have violated US Open policies.

It’s unclear if anyone was kicked out of the stadium or reprimanded for using marijuana at the event.

While Kyrgios is playing some of the best tennis of his career this year, he is also facing increasing criticism and controversy. A woman he accused of looking like she had “700 drinks” and was “crazy drunk” in the 2022 Wimbledon final is suing him for defamation. He also faces charges of assault by an ex-girlfriend stemming from the December 2021 incident.

Asked about the incident, Kyrgios told reporters that his lawyers had advised him against speaking on the matter. He has yet to enter a plea in the case.

The Independent has contacted the US Open for comment.

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