Enough is Enough – Here’s How to Fix the 2020 Tennis Busy Schedule


The busy schedule for the 2020 tennis season has not been well received by anyone. Enough is enough! Here are two ways to fix it.

The revised 2020 tennis schedule has come under intense scrutiny over the past few months. It all started with the cancellation of the Wimbledon championships at the same time as the postponement of Roland Garros. Many players were skeptical of the decision, especially since it was a one-sided decision that did not involve ATP, WTA or the other three Grand Slam committees.

Tour veteran Vasek Pospisil led the way as players were taken by surprise when the tournament was announced. From dry humor to indignation, the decision was far from being taken positively.

Once Tours released their revised 2020 schedule, players realized they would have to sacrifice Ranking Points, Cash Prizes, and Trophies in order to properly prepare for the reboot. This introduced two camps of players: those who travel to the United States for the hard court swing and those who stay in Europe for the clay swing.

It was a busy schedule regardless of how long it took players to train and travel. Theoretically, players should play 6 consecutive weeks of tournament in order to follow the proposed schedule.

This obviously cannot be done, and due to the new quarantine restrictions imposed by the EU (mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone traveling from the United States), players are increasingly frustrated with the lack of flexibility. tours (in particular ATP) from containment. It’s gotten pretty bad that players are threatening to boycott the top 20 players at the US Open in order to get their point across.

That being said, it’s time to set the schedule. Welcome to the all-new Lob and Smash 2020 tennis reboot schedule!

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