Emma Raducanu: tennis star speaks Mandarin fluently to her Chinese fans


Emma Raducanu is already one of the most impressive 18-year-olds you have probably met.

The tennis star is the current British No.1, the reigning US Open champion and reached the WTA (World Tennis Association) ranking of No. 22 worldwide before her 19th birthday.

She quickly rose to fame after becoming the first British woman to win a Grand Slam singles title since Virginia Wade in 1977. Wimbledon Championships, simultaneously becoming the first singles qualifier of the open era to win a Grand Slam title.

She also holds the record for the fewest major tournaments played before winning a Grand Slam title.

As if that weren’t enough to amaze the majority of us, a recent video posted on Weibo (a Chinese social media platform) shows her speaking to her audience in perfect Mandarin.

Raducanu was born in Toronto to a Romanian father and a Chinese mother, but moved to England when he was only two years old.

It is believed that she can speak three languages ​​in total, English, Romanian and Chinese, representing all the cultures around which she grew up.

This isn’t the first time fans have seen her speak Mandarin, however, she also addressed the crowd in Mandarin when interviewing her US Open winner.

Then, last week at the Transylvanian Open, she wowed the crowd again by speaking Romanian to them from center court.

Many tennis fans have had their say in the up-and-coming superstar as well and it seems the majority of them are in awe as well.

One fan commented: “She’s a fantastic tennis player with almost global appeal. She’s British, Canadian, Chinese and Romanian. She identifies and relates to all of the above. She’s an amazing role model, fair- play for her. She’s fantastic and so very likeable. “


It looks like the charming 18-year-old has a fantastic future ahead of her in the world of women’s tennis, and possibly outside as well.

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