Australian tennis star Jelena Dokic tells how she ‘vomited’ after a brutal act by a ‘monster’


WARNING: Disturbing Content

Australian tennis TV star and commentator Jelena Dokic spoke out after confronting footage showing a man violently assaulting a young tennis player went viral on social media.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Distressing footage emerges of a young tennis player being assaulted

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In the video, believed to have been filmed in a court in Serbia, the man – apparently the girl’s father – kicks and punches her before dragging her to the ground.

Croatian actor Igor Jurić shared the vision on social media on Saturday, prompting a group of tennis stars to condemn the attack and call on the International Tennis Federation to investigate.

“This girl is going to be broken forever,” Australian Daria Saville wrote on Twitter.

The video, believed to have been filmed at an undisclosed tennis court in Serbia, shows the man punching the player several times before dragging her to the ground and kicking her. Credit:

Now fellow Australian Jelena Dokic has added to the chorus of condemnation.

Sharing a long and moving Instagram post, she said she felt sick and “vomited” after seeing the footage.

“I am heartbroken after watching this,” she wrote.

She said it was a “normal day” for many young tennis players suffering from violent and abusive coaches, who were often parents or family members.

“Do you think that’s brutal?” It is, but it is a normal day for many of us who have been or are being abused, especially in childhood,” she wrote.

Jelena Dokic. Credit: dokic_jelena/instagram

“Hitting us, pulling our ears, spitting in our faces, throwing us to the ground, punching and kicking us.

“Just another day for us and that includes this 14 year old girl.

“Imagine what happens behind closed doors. It’s even worse.

“That’s exactly why I talked about it and wrote about it.”

Dokic chronicled her own experience in the book Unbreakable, exposing the abusive treatment she endured at the hands of her father Damir.

Jelena Dokic recounted her own experience in the book Unbreakable. Credit: penguin

“I’ve always said I’m neither the first nor the last to experience this, but my question now is, have things changed in the way our sport and our society deal with this?” she wrote in her message.

“I’m glad this monster was caught on camera, but people watch this and do nothing until it starts kicking it on the ground.”

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She also called on the media to “do more”.

“Talk more,” she wrote.

“Our sport and our players, especially those with a big platform, need to raise awareness about this.

“And the clubs, the federations, the governing bodies must do their part.

“That’s where they need to step up now.”

Jelena Dokic in action during the third round match on the Wimbledon lawn June 28, 2002. Credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Dokic says the media needs to stop gossiping about players dating and start focusing on the issues raised by the footage.

“Who will talk about her and protect her? she wrote.

“I’ll tell you from personal experience. Nobody.

“I just hope this time someone will help because she’s scared and she’s broken and she’ll be traumatized forever.”

Jelena Dokic wrote candidly on social media about her mental health struggles. Credit: AAP

Finally, Dokic said that “lives have been lost because of this kind of behavior that we don’t talk about enough.”

“Some do not survive, some are killed and some commit suicide,” she wrote.

“You just don’t hear about it. So it’s time to make some noise.

Dokic concluded his post with the hashtags: #childabuse, #childabuseawareness and #domesticviolence.

Damir Dokic watches Jelena in action at Wimbledon in 2000. Credit: Michael Stephens – PA Images/via Getty Images

Her impassioned post drew hundreds of comments of support and questions about what people could do to help.

“I was thinking of you when I saw this,” one follower wrote.

“It must have been extremely difficult for you to see.

“I’m glad we have wonderful people like you speaking up.”

“Thank you, Jelena, for posting this,” wrote another.

“You are so right, everyone must condemn this behavior.”

Jelena Dokic in August 2021. Credit: instagram

The Belgrade Tennis Association condemned the video, with local media reporting that the tennis player is only 14 years old.

The Serbian Interior Ministry announced on Sunday that police in Palilula had arrested a Chinese citizen following the incident.

“After a video of him (allegedly) beating his 14-year-old daughter appeared in the media, the police immediately took all measures and actions within their jurisdiction and quickly identified the suspect,” he said. said in a statement. translated statement.

“(The man) has been ordered to be detained for up to 48 hours and he will be brought to the First Prosecutor General’s Office in Belgrade with a criminal complaint.”

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Belgrade Tennis Association (TSB) President Milan Slavković said the association does not stand for violence.

“We strongly condemn the violence on the tennis court that occurred during training,” he said in a statement. translated statement on Sunday.

“We know that this is a case of (alleged) domestic violence, since the perpetrator is the father of a young tennis player.”

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or visit

In an emergency, call 000.

Advice and counseling for men concerned about their use of domestic violence: Men’s referral service1300 766 491.

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