9 Self-Care Essentials Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Swears By

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Welcome to Take the Edge Off, a monthly series where we break down beauty and personal care routines from influencers, CEO, expertsand celebrities to find out how they unwind and decompress, while to look closer the holy grail beauty essentials that they are runningly delirium.

Tennis superstar who competes against sports personalities like Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka has carved her own path by becoming the third person in history to win her first four Grand Slam titles at the US and Australian Opens. . She’s also known for using her platform to speak out against racial and social inequality (including through a series of face masks displaying the names of black victims of police brutality) and for advocating for the prioritization of mental health, especially for those who have been killed. athletes.

As a wellness and self-care advocate, Osaka also understands how a person’s daily routine directly impacts their physical and mental health, which is part of why she launched her sun care brand, Kinloa name meaning “gold” representative of its Haitian and Japanese roots, in 2021. Every product in the collection – from sunscreen to body oil – is optimized for melanic skin and formulated by Osaka with expert help high level as Naana Boakyefounder of Bergen Dermatology in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

In addition to leaving an impact on the beauty industry, Osaka uses Kinlò as a vehicle to educate people of color on the importance of good sun protection, something she only learned at the adulthood. “For most of my life, I didn’t know my skin was at risk,” Osaka says in an Instagram post from the brand. “Honestly, I didn’t even know what kind of care he needed.”

To learn more about the essentials that keep the tennis professional feeling centered and inspired, BAZAAR.com chats with Osaka and takes a closer look at some of his most popular products on and off the court. Plus, she gives us the scoop on her go-tos for a healthy breakfast and her current obsession with working out in hot yoga.

What are you reading these days?

I usually only have time to read when I’m on a plane, but I’ve only just started reading Letters to a young athlete by Chris Bosch.

What are some of your favorite bath and/or shower products?

I usually take showers just because they are quick and easy after being in the field. But lately, I’ve really enjoyed taking time out to relax in a bath, and I’ve loved using bath salts. And my favorite thing to do after bathing is to apply Kinlò Coconut Body Oil – it smells so good and helps my skin feel super hydrated. I also like to use the Tosaryu brand Japanese spa bath flakes which are made with a scent of aromatic Japanese hinoki cypress. I love the familiar, soothing Japanese smells of bath flakes and the fact that they come in the form of little wooden flakes rather than normal salts. It just adds something different and makes the bath more special.

What beauty or self-care products do you regularly use to combat zoom fatigue?

I like to keep things simple for my day to day makeup as I don’t really wear a lot, but to prepare for meetings and interviews I usually use our Kinlò Golden Rays sunscreen. It has a slight tint, which gives me a nice glow on Zoom. It also helps protect my skin against blue light damage. So I use that and some of the brand’s moisturizing lip balm, and I’m set.

Do you have a favorite hand sanitizer, soap and/or cream right now?

I usually use what’s available, but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be the EO Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray. They have a few different scents that both smell great: French Lavender and Peppermint. I don’t really like the alcohol smell of most hand sanitizers, so these scents make the product feel more luxurious. I also like that the sanitizer is in a spray form instead of a sticky, viscous formula.

Do you ever light a candle or an incense stick to decompress? If so, what are some of your favorites?

For sure. I’ve always loved candles – Kinlò makes one – but recently I’ve also taken up incense. It really helps me relax and puts me in a meditative state. I’m always trying new scents and haven’t really found a favorite yet.

What’s the last beauty product you put on today?

It’s still our Kinlò Golden Rays sunscreen.

Are you into bold makeup, no makeup, or no makeup right now, and why?

I would say no makeup at the moment.

What’s the last fitness class you streamed or took in person?

I’ve actually been getting great at hot yoga lately. I had never tried it until a few months ago, and now I love it. I started with 60 minute classes, and now I do 90 minute classes – I feel great afterwards. I also usually get a post-workout massage a few times a week. But between massages, I always use my Hyperice Hypervolt Go because it’s super lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry wherever I go. It really helps keep my muscles loose and soothed after tough practices and matches.

What self-care tip would you recommend to our readers?

For me, meditation, even if it’s just for a few minutes upon waking up, is really helpful in setting my intentions for the day and starting it with a good mindset. I have a meditation room at my house that has a nice view, so I also like to sit there for a quiet moment of meditation. I also wear my Beats headphones a lot, as it’s my favorite way to meditate and totally block out the rest of the world. Even when I’m walking onto the pitch to play a game and listening to music in my headphones, it’s still a bit meditative because I only hear the music. It helps me focus and focus on what I’m about to do.

I also believe what you eat and staying hydrated helps maintain stamina and immunity. To stay healthy, I like to start my day with a bagel or toast, smoked salmon and a homemade smoothie. I use any greens I have around the house, add blueberries or strawberries and BodyArmor Lyte in their coconut water flavor to give it a tropical taste. I also recommend ending the day with a bath with essential oils or mineral salts, as they are great for relaxing the muscles.

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