Ex-PM tells footballers to continue like a tennis star


FORMER Prime Minister Theresa May urged girls to “carry on” like British tennis sensation Emma Radacanu.

She was speaking at the annual awards ceremony at the Wargrave Women and Girls’ Football Club, of which she is the president.

The ceremony took place at the village recreation grounds ahead of the start of the new season, after being delayed from May due to covid restrictions.

It brought together the teams, coaches and families of the players and included a mini tournament and a barbecue.

Ms May, who is MP for Maidenhead, told them, “Well done to all the volunteers, parents and everyone who made sure things could continue.

“I’ve heard that you’ve grown up and grown up and the problem with the club is that it gets so much interest.”

Speaking to young players, she said it was important to have goals and ambition.

“I think women’s sport is so important,” Ms. May said. “I hope you saw in New York what young women can do with Emma Raducanu winning the US Open at the age of 18 when she was only doing her A-Levels three months ago. and you never know where you are going to end up in your athletic career because we might see some of the girls here representing England in football at some point Keep enjoying your football.

The club, now in their 21st year, are England’s second-largest women’s football club and there is a waiting list in many age groups.

It has a maximum of 400 players due to capacity restrictions on the recreation field and for training on the 3G field at Piggott School.

The club person award went to Coaching Manager Andy Caldwell, while the Golden Boot award was shared by Jess Reed and Abigail Dobson, who scored 15 goals each.

Mr Caldwell said: “Our annual meeting, awards and tournament are usually around May, but due to the restrictions at the time and the need to minimize social interactions, we made the decision to delay our ceremony. ceremony for the 2020/21 season.

“It was the first time that we had our annual event in September and at the start of a following season. It was also the first time in 20 years that President Bob Austen was unable to host the event, but Treasurer Danny Malone took the reins and did a great job. It was a great way for everyone to start the season after the summer as a huge team and there was a great turnout.

“The club has grown significantly from around 30 players to the current 400 and that number could be even higher if we had the facilities in Wargrave to keep up with the demand.

“Our success as a club has been built on the solid foundations of sportsmanship and a benevolent and benevolent philosophy.

“We must express our gratitude to our fantastic group of coaches and assistants who have accompanied our club over the past year.”

The awards for the Players Player, Coaches Player and Most Improved Player of the Year were as follows (in order):

Lions Under 10: Libby Schutz, Freyja Hyde and Vienna Frankham

Tigers Under 10 – Eliza Vann, Phoebe Hall and Rosa Mullins

Under 11 Tigers – Bethan Coulson, Niamh Gannon and Indie Chandler-Sale

Under 11 Whizzbees – Bella Lion, Greta Cameron & Ellie Merritt

Under 11 Whippets – Bella Knowles, Georgia Goodwin & Keira Burton

Under 12 Tornadoes – Charlotte Tabrah, Amber Avello and Amelia Jorgensen

Under 12 Hurricanes – Lizzy Sheridan, Sophie White and Poppy Darlow

Under 13 Lions: Jessica Rawlings, Andrea Guijarro-Moya and Nina Worrall

Under 13 Tigers – Imogen Panting, Poppy Titchener and Gabriella Jara-Duncan

Under 13 Bears – Darcy Hodgkins, Emily Lion and Sophie Harbor-Seaman

Under 14 Boas – Jess Reed, Ela Chamberlain and Jess Scott

Under 14 Pythons – Lisa Stewart, Eve Snelham and Lottie Hill

Under 14 Cobras –— Jess Humm, Eve Collin and Robyn Cullen

Under 15 Dolphins – Winnie Coombes, Kirsty Webster and Madeleine James

Sharks Under 15 – Annabelle Jones, Johanna Gutman and Nancy Chapman

Under 16 Leopards – Lara Branston, Nicole Wright and Izzy Sharp

Under 18 – Daisy Mifflin, Chiana Clark and Miranda Brown

Women’s 1st XI – Sammy Nazif, Hannah Sheehan and Polly Coombes

Ladies 2nd XI – Georgia Lynch-Cooper, Megan Davis and Hannah Brookes.

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